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Malika is a Licensed Professional CounselorSexologist, Sex Educator, and Author with over 7 years of experience.  She is dedicated to helping people achieve self-love, love & intimacy within their relationships, sexual satisfaction, and more.

Workshops Offered...


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Did you know that loving yourself can change your life?  In fact, it’s a necessary first step toward any change or healing.  When we love ourselves, everything in our life changes. It really is the magic wand. If you do not love yourself totally, wholly, and fully, somewhere along the way you learned not to.

It’s important for us to intentionally unpack these negative and false messages so that we can have a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. 

During this workshop you will:
- Learn how thoughts about yourself guide the way that you tend to behave and treat yourself
- Explore how your ideal self-love relationship looks
- Create a personalized Self Love Care Plan that will help you practice self love daily


Often we settle into routines in our relationships that can stifle growth and healthy sexploration. Communicating satisfaction and desires as it relates to intimacy and sex helps you reach your own sexual goals. Ideally this workshop is for couples.

During this workshop you will:
- Deepen your exploration into personal relationship & sexual desires
- Encourage healthy communication techniques for your relationship
- Help each couple create realistic and attainable goals to enhance communication and sexual pleasure

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Did Someone Say Oral?

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Eating the box. Slob on the knob. Tossing salad. As many names as there are to describe oral sex, there are just as many techniques to perform it. People have different desires when it comes to intensity, wetness, speed, and more. So, exploring how you like to give and receive oral is essential to maximizing pleasure.

During this workshop you will:
- Learn different erogenous zones to explore with your tongue
- Discuss tips, tricks, likes, and dislikes of giving and receiving oral sex
- Create a guide to help you explore oral sex desires with your partner

Are you interested in one of The Pleasure Collective's workshops on mental health or sex education for your organization, small group, school, college, corporate workshop, or meeting? Please complete the form below and you will be contacted within 48 hours (Monday-Friday)

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