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Our Mission

The Pleasure Collective, LLC is a psychotherapy, educational, and coaching group private practice that focuses on our mission to educating, exploring, and empowering those in our community. Our goal is to help our clients master both peace and pleasure to live the lives they deserve and desire.


The Pleasure Collective LLC is a client-centered, solution-focused group private practice. We utilize multiple approaches including but not limited to Feminist, Narrative, Collaborative and Strengths-based therapies. We also incorporate Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness/Meditation to create a safe clinical space to offer our insight.  


We serve individuals ( ages 14-65), couples, family and groups, specializing in helping our clients dismantle unhealthy patterns, unpack shame, discover strengths, and develop healthy coping strategies. Our clinicians specialize in treating many challenges, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, sexuality, identity, relationships, job stress, navigating the current pandemic and political events happening with our communities, and more.


We also offer Peer/Support Groups focused on teenagers building social community, navigating identities within the LGBTQAI+, trauma, self-esteem, and groups around sex work. Our clinicians are committed and dedicated to helping individuals achieve their personal goals and improve their lives' quality. 


The Pleasure Collective, LLC, currently provides tele-mental health services (Online Therapy); however, we are based in Media, PA, and have clinicians throughout the tristate area. 


The Pleasure Collective LLC provides therapy experiences that are fresh, innovative, engaging, and interactive. We work hard to deliver quality services and to meet all client's needs at an affordable rate.

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